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1st week of every month

Espresso Making

Contemporary Understandings & Pressure Profiling

Ever wondered why we squat down and observe our every shot of espresso? Counting seconds with your shot, and not observing the pattern from a naked basket, is just conventional. The real third wave person has a completely different insight to what actually happens in the coffee cake. With the state-of-the-art La Marzocco Strada EP, Knockbox brings it to the next level by utilizing real time pressure adjustments to prevent channeling and making the ideal shot.

This 2 hour workshop will be an unconventional supplement to the current "standards"; from grind size, to dosing, to tamping, to preinfusion, to pressure application. We would share our insights as to what an "espresso" should be defined, and how to strike the best shot. Classes will be in size of 2-4.

This class is scheduled on the 1st Tuesday of the month, 19:00-21:00; RSVP.

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2nd week of every month

Latte Art

We prefer to call it milk pattern; its really visual more than taste. We are including this just because the crowd seems to be interested in it. The sine qua non of waving a pattern on coffee surface is properly frothed milk. Many have been misled / mistaken to think pouring technique is most important. In this workshop, you can choose to come and pour with pre-frothed milk, or to froth the milk yourself!

With good microfoam, one can create basically any pattern: the swan, the rosetta, the tulip... use your imagination :) Classes will be in size of 4-6.

This class is scheduled on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 19:00-21:00; RSVP.

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3rd week of every month

Brewing at Home

the Hand-drip Seminar

It's just pouring water, like watering a plant, or is it? To appreciate the full flavours orchestrating in a cup, it takes a little more than "just pouring water" into the filter.

This 2 hour course will be an overview on the principles of brewing - extraction ratio, grind size and temperature matching, TDS, gold cup standard etc.

Instead of brainwashing you with one particular technique we encourage you to develop your own - let your tastebud be judge! Classes will be in size of 6-8. Participants are encouraged to bring their own gear from home. So would be able to acquire better insight and experience with their own gear.

This class is scheduled on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 19:00-21:00; RSVP.

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4th week of every month

Public Cupping

How to Appreciate Contemporary Specialty Coffee

Professional cupping is a tedious and highly skilled process that we believe should not be taken lightly.  This function is suited for coffee-frantics who likes to sync their pallet with international judges and professional cuppers. Learning by an open book to associate your smell and taste with the coffee vocabularies of the professionals.

It is open to all with no limits. Do as much merry go round the table, until you feel dizzy with a whole session of caffeine. First session starts at 19:00; second session starts at 20:00. Come in as time suits.

This function is scheduled on the 4th Tuesday of the month, 19:00-21:00; RSVP.

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Something for the Originals

Customized Sessions, a Mix & Match of What You Want to Learn

At Knockbox, we have SCAA / SCAE Barista, Q-grader and
COE judge, and also a roaster.

Our interest in coffee propagation, history of traditional coffee houses, agronomy and science, etc could all be shared. Groups & enthusiasts can book in a session to customize what you want to acquire, and we will try our best to pull up a schedule :)

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Corporate Social Event

Customized Sessions for Large Groups

Want to make this a corporate event?

We can cater to your needs with your different requirement

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