Dine-in Exclusives

  • Bolivia Buena Vista Organic Cascara
  • Ninety Plus Juliette H2
  • Ninety Plus Perci Red N2

Coffee Adventure

Pop into Knockbox, one can easily get lost with our menu.

We echo with the modern trend in presenting our drinks in their fundamental components instead of listing a list of fancy Italian jargons that serves no purpose but to create a marketing gimmick.

To promote the wonders of specialty coffee, we were first in Hong Kong to invent the “tasting menu” based on different brewing parameters.

Coffee Grand Slam

One coffee, three different methods of brewing - pourover, syphon, aeropress. This was our first invention, a novel method of demonstrating how different methods can augment flavours in any given coffee The home geek will know the importance of grind size & temperature, we are only taking it one step futher by adding the importance of "filter". 

The Hario V60 system uses paper filter, we chose cloth for the syphon and metal (by Kone) for the aeropress.

The result? Come and try it yourself :)

Cuppers Duo

Roastwork is an often-ignored craftmanship.

We served Guest Coffees from around the world. We learn together how roasters twists and augments the flavours of a familiar coffee via techniques in the control of heat & airflow. Its when science becomes an art.

Instead of imitating, we develop our own roasting profiles. We try to match a Guest coffee with a similar, if not identical batch, we blind the customer, and we serve the coffees in a pair; the two should be similar but different - one can taste the basic profile of a coffee, and yet the differences in Roasting should be subtle but appreciable, yes, this is the fun part :)

Coffee Premiere

Yes, this is a typical Friday night at Knockbox.

The crowd knows we roast in midweek, and the menu changes on the weekend. Knowing there might not be enough time to chat and share, they decided to come on friday afterwork and have a taste of what's new on offer.

A community has since developed. With a shot glass in hand, each participant will have unlimited specialty coffee - all night, from 6-10pm. They can try our brew, they can show us how they brew theirs. We chat, we share, and we improve together. OPEN TO ALL


We serve a variety of pastry, sandwiches and hot dishes beside coffee, you can find them in our menu here.
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