Hario’s V60 Drip Station is great for anyone who wants to exercise their inner-barista and brew pour-over coffee with an elevated dripper. When used¬† with Hario’s drip scale and ceramic V60 dripper, you can quickly weigh both your coffee and water doses but it serves it’s purpose when used by itself. It works with almost any dripper that has an open hole at the bottom. It’s strong enough to handle the pressure from pressing down on an Aeropress (which fits perfectly on the stand). Expect a little bit of a wider spray from the Aeropress, but is compatible.¬† Yes, it’s pretty much just a clear plastic stand with a drip tray but is certainly a nice luxury.

The Hario Drip Station measures 5.2 x 5.5 x 7.1 inches. The inside height is 5.8mm.

Scale, cup and dripper not included.



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